Meet the Staff at Sparta

Staff Bio:

Jen Skorski, Owner, Class and Team Coach
Credentials: BA in Psychology, Management Supervisory Certificate, USA Gymnastics University Business Executive, Meet Director, Certified Reiki Practitioner , Risk Management Certified, CPR, AED, Concussion, USAG Member
Background: competitive gymnast for 11 years 


 Hobbies: volunteer, do yoga, go hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, read, journal, bake, color

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Gymnastics event: Beam

Pets: 2 adorable cats- Brutis & Sushi

Favorite Food: sushi

Favorite Quote: "Throw kindness around like confetti"

John Skorski, Owner, Class and Team Coach
Credentials: BA in Exercise Science, Meet Director, Risk Management certified, CPR, AED, Concussion, USAG Member

Background: soccer for 10 years

 Hobbies: snowboarding, kayaking, biking, building legos

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Gymnastics event: high bar

Pets: 2 cats Brutis & Sushi

Favorite Food: pizza

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it"

Carly Krohn, Gym Manager

Credentials: Associates in LA and BA in Psychology, Risk Management Certified, CPR, AED, Concussion, USAG Member

Background: Dancer 18 years  (competitive 8 years), Gymnast 5 years, Track 4 years (HS), Field Hockey 4 years (HS)


Hobbies: Photography, hiking, crafts, spending time with Family & Friends

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Gymnastics Event: Floor & Bars

Pets: Dog-Gus, Cats– Hoyt and Sparkle

Favorite Food– Seafood /Sushi

Favorite Quote-  “Have Courage and Be Kind.”


 Margaret Witt, Team Programs Coordinator, Prep Team and Team Coach

Credentials: Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts and English Literature, with a minor in Vocal Music, Risk Management Certified, CPR, AED, Concussion, USAG Member

Background: Gymnastics 7 years, studied Opera after college, performed opera and musical theatre in the NY/NJ area,

Hobbies: Love to sing, cook, hike with my daughter and our dog, yoga, love to read too!

Favorite Color: GREEN!  Forest Green specifically.

Favorite Gymnastics Event: As a Kid I LOVED bars.  Now?  I have such respect and love for balance beam!

Pet: I have Chloe, a Brittany and Emmie, a Springer Spaniel mix.

Favorite Food: My mom's ravioli and meatballs.

Favorite quote: “It isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.”


      Anthony Russo, Special Events Coordiator, Boys and Girls Class, Prep Team and Team Coach

Credentials: Risk Management Certified, USAG Member, CPR and AED certified, Concussion

 Background: Dance, Participant in talent shows, school plays and local

theater shows, Gymnastics, trained for trampoline and power tumbling, Event Planning, and Decorating

Hobbies: snowboarding, hiking, camping, traveling (especially to Disney World!), crafting, paddle boarding, being active, biking, yoga, working out and swimming

Favortie Color: Turquoise

Favorite Gymnastics Event: Men and Women’s Floor

Pets:  Huge animal lover! I have a Cat named Bella, a 60 gallon aquarium

filled with tons of different fish and one day I dream of getting a Siberian Husky

Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers

Favorite Quote: “Vivere la vita senza senza rimpianti” Italian for: “Live life without regrets.”



   Wendy Selander, Mobile Preschool

Credentials: CPR, Concussion, USAG Member, Safety and Risk Management

Background: I have a bachelors degree in Management and a Minor in Business Logistics from Penn State University. In addition to instructing preschool level gymnastics, I also coach Girls on the Run.  As a child, I participated in recreation level gymnastics, field hockey and competitive high school cheerleading. Now I spend most of my time training for half marathons and marathons when I'm not teaching! 

Hobbies: Besides staying home most of the time with my children, I enjoy photography as a hobby. 

Favorite Gymnastics Event: Bars

Favorite Color: Blue 

Pets: Siberian Husky named Kacee and a one eyed main coon named Jake

Favorite Food: I love pizza and frozen yogurt.

Favorite quote: "It's supposed to be hard.  If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it."



Susan Bysshe, Preschool Gymnastics 

Credentials: BS in Biology from Messiah College, PA, Risk Management certified, CPR, AED, Concussion, USAG Member

 Background: Lifetime Gymnast, cheer, tennis, swim and flute in HS

Hobbies: Running, gardening, baking and crafts

Favortie Color: Blue and Yellow

Favorite Gymnastics Event: To coach: Beam  To perform: Bars

Pets: 1 year old Camden, named after our favorite vacation spot in Maine

Favorite Food: Icing, sushi, eggplant rolitinni

Marguerite Bysshe, Junior Instructor
 Credentials: 7th Grade honor student at Sparta Middle School, USAG Member

 Background: Gymnastics since 1 years old, Dance 5 years, Choir 6 years, Flute 4 years

Hobbies: writing, Pinterest, baking, making lists

Favorite Color: Aqua/mint

Favorite Gymnastics Event: Floor

Pet: Dog named Camden

Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate, mousse, Mac n Cheese


    Morgyn Witt, Junior Instructor

Credentials: USAG Athlete Member

Background: Gymnastics for 12 years (competitive since third grade), Performing arts for 5 years, Track,

Soccer for 3 years

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, Arts and Crafts, Playing with my dogs, Hiking in the woods

Favorite Gymnastics Event: Floor

Favorite Color: Purple!

Favorite Food: Anything Chocolate!

Favorite quote: "When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them anyway." – Marilyn Monroe


Caroline Dietz, Junior Instructor

Credentials: USAG Member, Red Cross babysitter certified

Background: Competitive gymnast for 4 year and still going strong, Competitive horse back riding for 3 years.

Hobbies: Crafting, hiking, and biking

Favorite color: mint

Favorite gymnastics event: Bars

Pets: One horse “ Dallas” One dog “Chloe”, and one cat “Jeter”  

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite quote: “Jump off the beam, Flip off the bars follow your dreams, and reach for the stars.”-Nadia Comaneci


Reese Abrams, Junior Instructor

Credentials: USAG Member

Background: Played the clarinet for 3 years

Hobbies: swim, ski, walk on my hands

Favorite color: purple

Favorite event: floor

Pets: 2 dogs named Lily and JC

Favorite food: pizza

Quote: "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"




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