What class is for me?

What Class is for Me?

Giant Gymnastics strives to ensure all kids are placed in the correct class. The tables below are a guide in helping you find a class that best suits your child's ability and age. Still unsure? We offer 15 minute evaluations or a trial class at no cost. Please call the front desk and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.

KinderKidz PreSchool Classes

Class placement for our preschool classes is based on the age of your child first and ability second.

L'il Crawlers 6 months old- walking, parent-tot class, 30 min class
L'il Jumpers walking - 2 years old, parent-tot class, 45 min class
L'il Kippers 3 years old - independence from parent, 45 min class
L'il Giants 4 years old - 5 years old - independence from parent, 55 min class

GymKidz Girls Recreational Gymnastics Classes

At the age of 6 girls can start in our recreational program. Girls Recreational classes utilize all four olympic events: vault, bars, beam, and floor. 

Level Skills Needed
Girls 1 no skills required, ages 6 and up
Girls 2 basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor, ages 6 and up
Girls 3 experience on all 4 events: backbend from standing, pull over on bars, handstand on beam, ages 7 and up
Girls 4/5 backhandpring on floor, backhipcircle on bars, cartwheel on beam, vaulting on table


GymKidz Boys Recreational Gymnastics Classes

At the age of 6 boys can register for a boys recreational class that will utilize the boys equipment (rings, parallel bars, pommel horse, floor) 

Boys 6-14 years old


Tumblerz Classes for Tumbling and Cheer

Need or want to learn only tumbling? Want to improve your cheer tumbling skills? Then tumbling is the class you want. These are co-ed classes.

Level Skills Needed
Tumbling 1 no skills required, ages 6 and up
Tumbling 2 backbend kickover, solid handstand, backbend, backhandspring over barrel, ages 6 and up
Tumbling 3 roundoff backhandspring (no spot), tucks (light spot), ages 7 and up
Tumbling 4 roundoff bakhandspring layout/ twisting, ages 8 and up
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