Updated 1.16.2021




Employee Guidelines

-  Staff will follow illness policy including temperature checks and 24-hr wellness standard

-  Staff will wash/sanitize hands prior to/at the conclusion of and between classes

-  Staff will have limited direct physical contact with children (spotting is limited to necessity for all instructional classes)

-  Staff will be diligently trained on procedures and prepared to enforce any distancing protocols

-  Staff will adhere to PPE requirements if set by the New Jersey Dept. of Health

-  Employee travel will be monitored and isolation following travel will adhere to NJ DoH recommendations

Building Preparation

-  Staff to disinfect and sanitize in preparation for ‘return to work’

-  Use of EPA registered cleaning solutions and other recommended products effective against Covid-19 throughout the building prior to open and throughout each day

-  All surface areas will be disinfected/sanitized multiple times daily once reopened

-  Hand sanitizer stations throughout building accessible and monitored for refill

Traffic Flow

Physical Distancing

Facility Ratio

-  Drop Off/Pick Up only; No adults allowed in building except staff.

-  Athletes and parents will wait to be called into the building to ensure physical distancing and traffic flow

-  student ratios and stations will be modified in class programming to adhere to any requirements released.

Prior to Class & Practice

-  Students will sanitize/wash hands upon entering the gym

-  Employees will have disinfected/sanitized all equipment, entrance and exits points of program and common areas

-  Anyone entering the gym will be temperature checked; anyone who appears ill or who has a temp over 100.4 will be sent home

During Class & Practice

-  Athletes will sanitize/wash after every rotation

-  Lesson plans will be modified to omit partner activities

-  Lesson plans will be modified to limit use of props. Props will be sanitized after each use

-  Stations and activities will be modified to allow safe distance between children

-  Porous surfaces such as carpet squares and bean bags will be temporarily taken out of use

-  Each athlete will keep chalk in their personal plastic container (TEAM)

-  Grips will be kept in separate bag to be carried on their person rotation to rotation (TEAM)

After Class & Practice

-  Athletes and parents will use exit first to control flow prior to next class coming in

-  Staff will begin disinfecting/sanitizing all areas of their department immediately to get ready for next class

 **As guidelines and reopening restrictions are released from NJ Officials, this document will be updated to reflect those changes

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