Sparta Classes

Here at Giant Gymnastics we have something for everyone!  Check out each program below from our Tots to Tumblers.


Preschool Program

KinderKidz is our preschool gymnastic program for ages 18 months to 6 year olds.Through this program your little one will develop motor skills, basic muscle coordination, andas well as create lasting friendships. Classes will include weekly themes, skills and lots of fun! Students will learn via circuit rotations revolving around vault, bars, beam, and tumbling skills. Circuit activities will include gross motor activities in addition to gymnastic skills. The foam pit, parachutes and other props will be utilized when appropriate.


L'il Jumpers 18 mths old - 2 years old
L'il Kippers 3 years old - independence from parent
L'il Giants 4 years old - 5 years old - push to bridge





Boys and Girls Program

Our GymKidz gymnastic program is taught in proper progressions. We take care in teaching proper form and technique and we maintain high standards in our class with respect to effort, behavior, attitude and sportsmanship. While we focus on quality and progress, we definitely like to have fun!

We know that we can teach kids to work hard and stay focused, but we also want to teach them to love the sport, to enjoy their training, and to develop lasting friendships in the gym. Your child’s physical fitness will improve in areas of coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance. Gymnastics will aid in your child’s overall physical development and the positive effects will carry on to various sports.

The goal of this program is to aid students as they progress from basic gymnastic skills to a more difficult and challenging skill level.


GymKidz Girls Class

Girls gymnastic program provides professional gymnastic instruction for students 6 years and older. Gymnastic instruction centers on the four disciplines of Junior Olympic Gymnastics; Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor Exercise.



GymKidz Boys Class
Boys gymnastic program provides professional gymnastic instruction for students 5 years and older. Gymnastic instruction centers on the six disciplines of Men’s Junior Olympic Gymnastics; Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Still Rings and Floor Exercise.





Adult Gymnastics

 For the Kid in all of Us! No pressure, all fun gymnastics class for 18 and older.  Drop-in class.  Call ahead or check facebook to confirm class.  No experience necessary, friends always welcome! This class is 55 minutes long.







Tumbling Cheer Classes

 Kids LOVE to tumble! Tumbling builds strength, power, courage, and confidence! Tumbling classes teach progressive skills on trampoline, tumble trak, floor and rope. Instructors may also introduce other pieces of equipment during class to continue building strength, coordination, flexibility and technique. These classes also provide the best foundation for developing a higher fitness and mental level, which can also transfer to other sports.


Tumbling is an important component of cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance. Strong tumbling skills distinguish an athlete in any of these disciplines and many of our gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers cross train in tumbling. Tumbling also develops body awareness and balance.


Giant Gymnastics offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced tumbling classes to students 6 years and older. Our tumbling curriculum is based on structured progressions, with an emphasis on safety and progress. We insist on building a strong foundation before moving into big tumbling tricks. We maintain these standards so that our students and families can enjoy the benefits of developing excellent tumbling skills and so that we can keep our training programs safe for our athletes.



Giant Gymnastics strives to ensure all kids are placed in the correct class.  Still unsure?  We offer 15 minute evaluations or a trial class at no cost.  Please call the front desk and our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.



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