Clinics & Open Gyms

We offer a variety of clinics from back handspring, tumbling/trampoline, cartwheel and bars. Improve your strength and technique in this hour clinic. Students will be working basics drills, progressions and stations to achieve and master their final goal.

All clinics are listed on our Calendar page as well as posted on Facebook.  Please call, email or stop by the front desk to register to attend clinics and open gyms.


Backhandspring Clinic:


Whether you have your backhandspring or not this clinic is for you! Improve your strength and technique with an hour of conditioning, basics, drills and progressions. Student must be able to do a backbend to register for this clinic.


Cartwheel Clinic:


This clinic is for the beginner to intermediate gymnast who is looking to improve there cartwheel.The focus will be on technique and form. There is no skill requirment to for enrollment.


Bar Clinic:


Need a little extra practice on bars? Register for this clinic to reinforce skills and learn the proper conditioning to maximize results.

Clinic Pricing:

$15.00 for members

$20.00 non-member



Open Gyms


Open gyms are a great time to practice the skills you are learning in class The two hours of open play is supervised by our experienced coaches Students must be 6 years old or older to register for open gym.

Please note that makeups can not be made up in open gyms.

1 Hour Open Gym Pricing:                                     2 Hour Open Gym Pricing:

$10.00 members                                                      $15 members

$15.00 non-members                                               $20 non-members


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